Midnight Protective Films- Gingerman Raceway

Join Us to One of the Most Fun Racetrack in MI and One of the Finest Road Courses in the U.S.. Sep 14th-15th (Sat-Sun). Open to Public, Your Car, 2.2Mile Track, No Speed Limit, Unlimite Excitment! On Site Camping! Minimum age for any driving entrant is eighteen (18) years. For Spectators, No Minimum Age is Required.

97% Sold Out
* Sep 14th
* Instructors Included
* 4 Groups
* 15-20 min Each Session

* Sep 15th
* Instructors Included 
* 4 Groups
* 15-20 min Each Session

* Sep 14-15th
* Instructors Included
* 4 Groups
* 15-20 min Each Session
* Camping on Site

- One Day Access
  Saturday Or Sunday
- No Minimum Age is Required.


- Weekend Access
  Saturday & Sunday.
- Camping on Site Included.
- No Minimum Age is Required.

- Food 
- Live Music
Photographer & Videographers
- One Site Camping
- Showers 
- Walk, Rollerblade, or bicycle the 2.2 mi road course after hours.
All are welcome, beginner or expert, fast and not-so-fast. Not a race or a competition event. We offer a controlled environment with expert instruction available. 
The schedule for the actual track day is as 
7:00AM Gates open
7:00AM - 9:00AM Tech Sheet Turn in
8:15AM Mandatory drivers’ meeting
9:00AM Group 4 hits the track
9:00AM Instruction session for all people in 1 and 2 and 3 group plus anyone interested
9:20AM Group 3 on track
9:40AM Group 2 on track
10:00AM Group 1
10:20AM Group 4 (after this, we will rotate through the groups 3,2,1)
The groups will continue to rotate throughout the day. These times are not exact and depend on any cautions, weather delay, etc.
12:00PM Lunch Break
1:00PM Back on Track
5:00PM Track Closed

Upon arriving at the track, drivers will proceed to the sign-in table, sign any necessary waivers, receive their wristband, and turn in the vehicle tech inspection form.

Please be sure to bring a helmet, open- or closed-face. There will be a limited amount of helmets available to rent at the track

Please wear closed toe shoes, no sandals.
Ride along is allowed.
Snell 2005 or newer helmet is required for drivers and passengers.

Instructors will be on hand to help drivers progress at their own comfort level. Lead-follow and ride-along will be possible as well as the instructors driving students to help with proper driving line and technique.
Drivers are advised stay within their limits, learn from some great driving coaches, and have a safe and fun day.

- 6 Corner Workers
-Fire & Rescue

Event Director will send you a vehicle tech sheet and more details regarding the event approximately one week before the start date. 
Due to the limited number of spots available, all Open Track Day purchases are final. This event will be held rain or shine. Activities may be delayed if it is necessary to wait out severe weather.

Event Location
61414 Co Rd 388, South Haven, MI 49090
You are responsible for any damage caused to the track. This includes bent guard railes caused by off track excursions.

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